Blessed Kit


A total wellness kit designed to create an optimal environment for skin health.



A total wellness kit designed to create an optimal environment for skin health.

Every kit includes:

Moving (30ml) – This topical CBD compound will keep you up and active all throughout your toughest days. It’s THC-Free and filled with muscle relaxing essential oils to help you synergistically combat whatever the world throws at you.

Intuitive (30ml) –  Not just a moisturizer, but an all in one solution to maintaining skin health and wellness. Skin is nourished and strengthened through a combination of collagen and proteins while the added benefits of CBD radically reduce inflammation to create an optimal environment for skin health.

Radiant (Clear) – Our Mineral Foundation combines the all-natural allure of mineral foundation with the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD for a mineral powder that has buildable coverage, easy on-the-go application and an SPF range from 30 to 50. Available in 7 shades!

Old Fashioned CBD Cocktail – Aged in authentic Kentucky Bourbon Barrels, our Old Fashioned recipe is one of a kind with hints of sweet orange and cherry and will have you feeling as classy as you feel balanced.

The “Blessed” kit is a balanced regimen of CBD Infused Probiotic Skincare that will bring you closer to total wellness – inside and out.

Directions for Use

After cleansing with your daily gentle face wash, use Intuitive to replenish moisture and restore your natural hydration levels to reduce unwanted oil production beneath the skin. Concentrated levels of All-Trans retinol will work as you sleep to stimulate natural collagen production and reduce inflammation for an optimal environment for the microbiome to thrive.

Use Radiant as a daily mineral foundation or on-the-go SPF protectant to reduce UV exposure and help further stimulate a healthy microbiome. Available in 7 shades plus Clear to cover the spectrum of skin tones.

Take two to three drops of our Old Fashioned CBD Cocktail under your tongue to help you unwind at the end of a stressful day or to balance you out in the morning for a fresh start. It’s our belief that when you feel good inside, those feelings manifest on the outside. Use CBD to help balance the stress between your mind, body and soul. Safe for all and 100% Alcohol and THC-Free.   


Use “Moving” Joint and Muscle Cream to help you recover from a grueling workout, or a long day at the office. Pump a small amount onto your fingertips, and massage gently onto the affected area. A rapid reduction in inflammation will leave you feeling relaxed and at ease – more able to focus on what fulfills you than what hurts.


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