Over thirty years ago on a farm in Kentucky, Shalia was born as a vision. And like most visions, this one began as a whisper – a whisper that stayed in the back of our founder’s mind for decades, as she traversed the landscape of modern spirituality and wellness. A whisper that told her, “I am”

Confident. Intelligent.
The whisper said, “I am” Beautiful and Strong, a Leader. Again, “I am”

For years, the whisper led our founder down a seemingly divinely-guided path, as she worked diligently alongside top skincare leaders and numerous spiritual masters across the country. Embracing the inner workings of premier skincare companies led her employment journey through all 50 states, and more than ever, she continued to feel the whisper’s push.

Through years of experience she learned the ins and outs of modern skincare, carefully noting the pitfalls and weaknesses – where others were failing to meet expectations and how the industry was failing to meet its own. Her spiritual masters allowed her to better understand the enlightening power of hope and how it could be inspired through the way people saw themselves, and more importantly – how they felt. For decades she quietly engaged whole-heartedly in the industry, while the whisper remained constant…


“I am”
Innovative. Driven.
So constant the whisper became – she began to embody it, answering the calls herself.

“I am Brave”
she said as she took her first steps into her own business. “I am Ready”
she said, as she lovingly formulated an exquisite line of powerful and life-changing products.

Soon after, the doors to the public were opened and these extraordinary products are now offered to the world.

SHALIA Botanicals was born as a vision, a seedling that has grown into a fascinating company dedicated not only to skincare, but to inspiring hope in everyone. For too long have medical grade products been inaccessible to the general public. For too long have corporate giants taken advantage of consumers who, by no fault of their own, have been misled into their understanding of what skincare actually is.

Wellness comes from within and is exuded throughout those who feel good about themselves. Shalia understands what it means to be lost in this age of static and wants to guide you along your own path to affirming what you’ve known all along…

You are beautiful. You are confident. You are strong.

Let us take you on a journey to total wellness inside and out – of body, mind and soul – to a place you can call home. A calm circle in your mind where you can hear the wind whisper gently, “We are Shalia.”

Shalia products are clean and made in small batches with organic ingredients – and love – in the U.S.A.

Dermatologist tested, Non-comedogenic, Vegan, and Free of  Parabens, Fragrance and Gluten.