5 Ways to Bring Balance Back Into Your Life

The year has brought its fair share of speed bumps...

…and while some are lucky enough to be living in some semblance of normal life – many of us are still confined to our homes and searching for ways to make life work again. Below you’ll find five tangible tips you can use right now to help bring yourself back to center, so you can get back into a rhythm that moves you forward.

1) Focus on your breathing. In and out, in and out…right? While you’ve (hopefully) been doing it your whole life, practicing your “breath” can make an incredibly noticeable difference in your quality of life. Try this: Breathe in through your nose for 6 seconds, hold for 2 at the top of your breath and exhale for another 6 seconds. Repeat this cycle (up to ten times) and get back with us…

Also…check out an actual pro’s tips: Wim Hof’s Guide to Breathing

2) You know we’re going to say it…Eat Healthier (and exercise)! But it’s not as hard as you think and a healthy gut-biome is critical to a healthy immune system and to being active in general. Some easy things you can do are stay away from boxed, pre-packaged food and keep to the perimeter of the grocery. This is where you’ll find the freshest produce and healthiest alternatives to convenient food.

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3) Get on a sleep schedule. Regulating your sleep will not only help you feel better but it’s a great way to unconsciously motivate yourself. A rested mind, body and soul will communicate on a higher level – and you’ll see things you wished you were doing a month ago readily getting checked off your list day by day.

4) Ditch the phone. Now this…this may be the hardest part of all. Leaving your phone behind can feel akin to losing a limb and it’s admittedly easier said than done for many. There is hope though for those who feel chronically attached the super computer in their pocket. Most smart phones nowadays come equipped with a feature that allows you to track your screen time. Turning this feature on can give you a visual representation of how much time you are spending on your phone, and might just motivate you to get back to living in the real world a bit more. You’ll notice your positivity spike as well.

5) Commit to reading everyday. “But my book is on my phone and you just said…” Now – there is undoubtedly something special about the tangible pages of a book…but reading every day can help strengthen the neural connections in your brain (woo, science!), widen your vocabulary and help you become a more affluent writer. If you read digitally it’s all good! Be sure to try out some blue blocking reading glasses though, and save yourself a headache.

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